Acroyoga FLOW 

All levels, focussing on transitions, linking poses together and exploring “washing machines”.

“A wistful jaunt into the magical world of partner acrobatics”

Book through MINDBODY. £15 per person, or a block of 4 £55. Pre booking is required.

Terms & Conditions

*All classes abide government COVID Guidelines and are socially distanced 

*If you are showing any symptoms, do not attend 

*Acroyoga classes are BYOBB (Bring your own BubbleBuddy)

*Bubbles can consist 2-4 people. Max 8 per class @theisland and 16 for @Thehideout

*Book prior to arrival, no walk ins, first booked first serve basis

*Bring a mat (1 between bubble is great), water bottle and small towel. We have 2” jigsaw mats at The Hideout, each bubble gets a 2x2m or 2x3m “play pen”

*All poses and sequences are structured so that each step prepares you for the next. In a bubble of 2, with no spotter: It is up to you to assess whether something is available to you. There are alternatives and extra preps so this doesn’t limit the amount of progress you will make.

*Any injuries or preexisting conditions please speak to me before the class

*Any questions get in touch with me (Will Dukes) directly