Artists Support (in kind) Residencies Scheme

Artspace Lifespace offer artists residency opportunities to develop specific or open-ended projects and to test works in progress. This opportunity is open to artists working across art forms from Bristol and beyond. Studio spaces are available for artist use subject to availability.

Artspace Lifespace is a registered Charity. Our objective is to promote art for the benefit of the public through the establishment and maintenance of facilities for artists from a variety of artistic practices in which they can create work, collaborate, and present and perform their work for the public.

Our projects operate as self-funded with all income generated by the use of our spaces invested back into the project and our tenant artists.


We would like to support artists working across art forms with the access space to further develop their individual or collaborative ideas and projects.

What we offer?

  • Access to space in kind support (free)
  • A letter of support for funding applications or for your work in general
  • Your work can be featured on our website / social media
  • Ongoing artists support from our Management Team

What do we require?

  • Our Artspace Lifespace logo and website on any publicity, promotion material, PR, images or video work at the end of the project.
  • A letter of support for Artspace Lifespace and your experience of working with us
  • Audience and Participation Data collection

Plus one or more of the below:

  • A final piece showing (scratch event)
  • A talk or Q&A open to other artists
  • Mentoring a young artist (time)

Should you require, we would be happy to discuss the above in more detail in a 1-2-1 meeting to allow us to design the residency terms most suitable for you or your group.


We would like to diversify the range of people who benefit from our residencies. We are offering up to 5 x small bursaries (between £150 to £350) to successful applicants from backgrounds that are underrepresented in the arts (for example you have experienced racism, class barriers or have a disability) and artists working in community art across our residencies at The Island, The Arts Mansion and The Vestibules. If you would like to be considered for a bursary please say so in your application.

Please only apply for a bursary if you are on a low income. There is no age restriction for applications.

How to apply?

  • 200 words outlining your current practice, how you intend to use the space and the benefit you may gain
  • 100 words on why you wish to work with us
  • A list of your space requirements (which space you need at any of our projects together with the requested start and end dates)
  • 3 images of your work
  • Website and social media links to your work
  • Your proposal for your end of residency event which you think best suits your time with Artspace Lifespace i.e. talk, artist surgery, mentoring, performance or exhibition.

Please note that preference may be given to artists who have not already benefited from residency space at one of Artspace Lifespace venues or from the Invisible Circus LaunchPad residency scheme.

Contact the relevant venue below to apply.


The Vestibules: 

We offer two week residency periods for both Deanery Rd and Park St Vestibules. Applications for Residencies in 2022 are now open.

Arts Mansion

Residency periods for either the Great Hall Gallery (exhibition and workshops), Old Refectory (work development) or the Music Room (theatre and performance). Applications for Residencies in 2022 are now open.

The Island

9 residency opportunities across 3 rooms in The Island offering access of to up to 20 hours of space in kind support.

3 residencies in the Dance Space

3 residencies in the Gallery Space

3 residencies in the Circus Training Space

Island residency information pack

Artspace Lifespace projects operate an inclusive, ‘all welcome’ policy. Our unique blend of creative activities, fantastic crowd and atmosphere have helped The Island project go from strength to strength, and enabled us to create more projects across the city. We take pride in looking after our staff, artists and guests.


Residency info pack ASLS

What our clients say about us:

Creatively and logistically supportive, passionate about the work of every artist under their roof, full of humour and energy -that’s why I loved performing at the Island.

Sara Zaltash –

The Island is unique in that it not only offers a wonderfully exciting space in which to stage work or respond to it’s heritage in regard to site specific concerns, but it also fosters community and supports artwork. The Island is different; it is home to the challenging, the creative, the alternative and the adventurous. The Island is alive. The Island makes art work.

Thomas Bacon, performance artist & curator Tempting Failure

“It was a real pleasure exhibiting at The Vestibules. Kathryn was supportive and inventive in the early stages and Lucie and Dan were hands on deck and accommodating before and during the event. I will book that beautiful space with those wonderful people as soon as I have a new project to show.”

Tina Gue,Photographer